What Is CNC Milling

It is a typical and common machining process. It utilizes computerized controls to manufacture custom-designer machining parts, By optimizing the movement and operation of rotary cutting tools, the CNC machine will remove the excess material of the workpiece to achieve the required shape and dimensions. These milling parts have a good quality and precision surface finish. The milling process is welcomed in many industries because of its accuracy, consistency, and ability for mass production and stability. The serving industries include aerospace, shipping, automobiles, oil drilling, pump, electronics manufacturing, and precision engineering sectors. A CAD drawing is the beginning of the milling process, the drawing is used to control the output of the CNC machining process.

Advantages of CNC Milling

It is more advanced and provides a wide range of benefits compared with traditional manual milling methods, including:

  • 1

    High production:

    CNC machines can produce thousands of parts within a shorter time, and also it makes possibilities to allow for larger scale production with higher repeatability.

  • 2

    Less labor

    CNC mill is the most common type of CNC machining, by Using a CAD program and optimizing the machining strategies, there’s little requirement for skilled labor.

  • 3

    Superior precision

    Since the machine is controlled by CAD/CAM software and works automatically. It greatly ensures precision and stability by eliminating the risk of human labor.

  • 4

    Material universality

    The CNC milling process can be used to machine a wide range of materials, including hard materials, such as HSS.

  • 5

    Dimension uniformity

    CNC milling allows the same parts to be machined over and over again with uniform dimensions.

  • 6


    Computer-controlled machining makes. it very affordable over traditional manufacturing methods

Advanced Precision CNC Milling Service

Are you looking for cost-effective CNC-milled parts with great quality? Sundi Tools is a professional metal working provides CNC machines with quantities of advanced machines. We offer CNC machining service for various of custom machining parts, whether small or mass quantity, simple or complex, equipped with our precision 3-,4-, and 5-axis milling machines, we can get your ordering parts as quickly as 2 days. Our skilled engineers will participate in your projects from the beginning to the end, they will find the best way to design and machine the highly qualified-CNC milling parts for customers. Our CNC milling products are involved in all fields of electronic, automobile, energy, defense, and medical industries.

CNC milling aluminum parts

CNC Milling Service Capacities

CNC milling is the most common type of CNC machining, Using a CAD program, this process can create prototypes of examination, single parts, and complex parts. With decades of experience and technology in the CNC machining service area, We are providing OEM service involving facing milling, plain milling, angular milling, forming milling, and more . The video shows how can machine a precision and complex part from CNC milling machines by using different types of cutting tools and quality control for each machining part.
For each CNC machining process, a different set of tools performs different cuts. Our professional engineers are specialized in selecting the proper cutting tools and optimizing the cutting parameter to achieve good milling surface and accuracy requirements.

  • Up to 3-,4-,and 5 axis
  • Up to 150 tools ( Most tools are manufactured by our own tooling factory )
  • Up to 1200mm table
  • Up to 15000 RPM
  • Total Tolerance as close as +/-0.01mm

Connect with the Sundi Tools Sales Team

Sundi Tools has decades years of experience in designing and manufacturing precision metal components with initial on-site consultation, Contact our sales team,you will get a quick reply.

CNC Milling Service Capacities

The milling process has the great ability to machine a wide range of materials and produce customized machining parts at a faster speed than traditional machining way. The following are the main materials suitable for CNC milling.

CNC machining way is popular way to start the initial machining or produce the end machined parts. Metal material includes: Aluminum, Brass, Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and more.

Plastic parts are the common parts in people’s life, the plastic for CNC milling mainly includes ABS, Nylon, Acrylic, PMMA, Peek and POM.

CNC milling service can be processed in ceramics, such as Alumina ceramic, ZrO2 ceramic, Silicon Nitride ceramic, wood, exotic and precious metals.

CNC milling parts

Typical CNC Milling Parts We Can Offer

We have great flexibility in supplying precision custom-made CNC milled parts to serve hundreds of companies for a wide application. A wide range of milling materials is available to work on your projects. Sundi maintains our arms to achieve a lower total cost for your projects.

CNC milling case

Mold Milling Works

We design and set our mold-making plan quickly, following clients’ demands with care and precision. By applying our HSS CNC milling machines to tool steel, we shaped the mold die plates according to the approximate dimensions specified by clients.

plastic CNC milling parts

Plastic Milling

Our machining operators are skilled in manufacturing tight tolerance parts from all types of plastic materials in various shapes, and sizes, such as PMMA, POM, ABS, AND Nylon. By paying attention to every detail, choosing the right tools, and proper grade material, and optimizing the feed rates and cutting speed, We uphold machining plastic parts with accuracy as close as +/-0.05mm.

high speed CNC milling

Small Metal Components

We have the strong ability to produce high-value components with the most technical and precise quality in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Small milling parts have wide applications in different demanding industries, such as aerospace, medical device components, tool components, robotics, and other markets with strict quality specifications and standards.

CNC milling

Aluminum Milling Parts

With our great machining expertise, we produce high-value parts for demanding industries. The hole of the milling area is too deep, By optimizing the cutting parameter, and choosing carbide endmills with diamond coating, we obviously increase the manufactured efficiency.


Milling Abilities 3,4,and 5 axis milling
Automation Capabilities CNC, Manual
Secondary service offered Design
Precision Grinding
EDM (Wire EDM and Sinker EDM )
CNC Turning
CNC Drilling
Inspection Instruments Coordinate Measuring
Tool Microscope
Height Gage
Surface Plate
Gage Blocks
Slide Caliper
Typical Lead Time AS short as 2 days for urgent
File Formats CAD/CAM System
Industry served Aerospace
Defence Industry
Food Production
Consumer Goods

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