Small hole EDM Service for Wire EDM Process

Small-hole EDM machining was initially used for pre-drilling starter holes for the Wire EDM machines. We still use it for this purpose every day. This process uses a long brass or copper electrode to drill 0.2-5mm diameter holes for the soft or hard steel and carbide material. The brass is held in the chuck and rotated as the flow of water, then wash away the eroded material.

Not only was the small hole EDM used in drilling the holes before the Wire EDM process, but its use has also been widely used in drilling the coolant channel in the cutting tool industry, and drilling the holes of the carbide body or steel becomes more recognized now. Mold and parts manufacturing nozzles, oil holes, and mold spare parts are just one of these areas which benefit from the use of small-hole EDM machining.

The Benefits of Small Hole EDM

  1.  Reduce the working time of making a hole of hard materials compared with another manufacturing process.
  2.  Eliminating the possibility of size change and deformation caused by the heat-treating process.
  3. Cost-effective for producing the holes without tight tolerance.

Related Manufacturing Process

Wire EDM

Wire EDM

Our wire cutting is a highly precise machine with +/-0.002mm tolerance capabilities and no virtual burrs. We can manufacture some of the most complex parts.

Sinker EDM

Sinker EDM

The sinker E.D.M is used to create blind-shaped forms needing a high accuracy requirement, the material can be carbide or steel after heat treatment.

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