Sundi offers Electrical Discharge Machining services including Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, AND Small Hole EDM for precision components machining. Our professional engineering team will work with you from the start to finish, Equipped with the art of the state machines and experience working skills, We offer the service you deserve all the time, and all the ordered products meet the specification you are demanding. Our goal is to help our clients with all metal parts needs.

  • 1

    Challenge works

    The experienced workers operate the complex shapes of workpieces

  • 2

    Custom Surface Finish

    Great surface finish with Ra 0.4μm, then polish to be Ra0.2μm

  • 3

    Qualified Material

    Hard steel and carbide imported from Japan or Europe

  • 4


    Higher accurate dimensions tolerance with+/-0.005mm

  • 5

    Stable Volume

    We’re running on two shifts to make all EDM machines work

  • 6

    Cost saving

    Low investment in tooling and preparation costs, economical parts with simple structure.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM

Our wire cutting is a highly precise machine with +/-0.002mm tolerance capabilities and no virtual burrs. We can manufacture some of the most complex parts.

Sinker EDM

Sinker EDM

The sinker E.D.M is used to create blind-shaped forms needing a high accuracy requirement, the material can be carbide or steel after heat treatment.

Small Hole EDM

Small Hole EDM

We’re equipped with a top machine for drilling small holes in the most workpiece with speed and accuracy without virtually no burr.

Are you looking for the OEM ,reliable, quick-feedback supplier of plastic and metal machined components ?We’re the professional ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer to make your idea to real parts .Sundi Provides a wide range of precision machining services including CNC milling ,CNC turning, Wire EDM,Wire Sinker and precision grinding.Equipped with precision 3-,4-and5-axis CNC machining centers.Combined with other advanced machining capacities and professional engineering team, we can handle all the technical aspects of designing and machining process ,so your team just focus on the final goods.If you need a precision machining for plastic and molding metal parts ,SUNDI is the best partner to work with !


What is the Electrical Discharge Machining

Electrical Discharge Machining is a common manufacturing process that uses electricity to create a desired shape or achieve the mirror finish requirements. The thermal energy is used to shape material, instead of direct contact machinings, such as CNC machining or grinding method.

However, only conductive material can be working in electrical discharge machining because the electrical interaction with the base material is necessary. The conductive material includes copper, steel, tungsten carbide, and titanium. The E.D.M process is particularly used in hard material machining or the complex parts that are difficult to be created by regular machining methods.

There are two typical EDM methods: Wire EDM and Sinker EDM. Although they’re working based on electricity discharging, their operating principle is significantly different. Wire EDM is known as the precision cutting process, it uses a single brass wire and computer direction to control the dimension and its accuracy. Wire EDM is considered a more efficient and cost-effective way. On the other hand, Sinker E.D.M uses preformed electrodes to create the desired shape, The working efficiency is lower compared with Wire EDM.

Sinker EDM parts

EDM Advantages Compared With Traditional Machining Process

Due to the high discharging energy during E.D.M Machining, it can process all material that cannot be machined by CNC Machining methods, such as hardened steel, heat-resistant alloy, and tungsten carbide. Meanwhile, electrical discharging machining(EDM) is widely used in the processing the complex cavity, mold dies, and holes . During the EDM process, there’s no direct contact between the workpiece and electrode, and the working force is very small, this kind of manufacturing is very effective for machining precision shapes and holes, and also for the parts that are easy to deform. So EDM technology has been widely used in various industrial applications for the following advantages :

1:It can be used to machine any hard materials.

2: Make it possible to produce a variety of complicated shapes because the traditional machining way can’t reach them.

3:Higher accuracy to be about +/-0.005mm.

4:Higher quality surface roughness to be 0.2μm

5:It can be working in any type of electrically conductive material.

6:No mechanical stresses to avoid deforming the small workpiece, making it possible to make the small and complex parts

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