Our Precision Grinding Service For Demanding Customers

There are huge numbers of manufacturing workshops around the world, why choose precision grinding from Sundi for the following reasons:

  • Challenge Works

    The experienced workers operate the complex shapes of workpieces

  • Custom Surface Finishes

    Great surface finish with Ra 0.2μm

  • Wide Range of Material Selecting

    Hard steel and carbide imported from Japan or Europe

  • Accuracy

    Higher accurate dimensions tolerance with+/-0.001mm

  • Stable Volume

    We’re running on two shifts to make all grinding machines work

  • Cost saving

    Low investment in tooling and preparation costs, economical parts with simple structure.

Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding

The surface Grinding process is used to create a smooth finish on a flat surface, Tolerance +/-0.001mm is available on the most surface demands

Profile Grinding

Profile Grinding

The optical Profile grinder has bright and clear visibility which allows operators to program and grind complex profile components

Cylindrical Grinding

Cylindrical Grinding

Cylindrical grinding is used to shape the outside of the workpiece, which must be constantly rotating


Metal precision grinding is an abrasive machining process. It is used to finish hard material workpiece that must need higher surface quality ,higher dimension accuracy . Sundi has more than 10 state-of-the-art grinding machines and skilled workers with great experience in grinding service. A wide variety of high-quality material allow us to approach your project with confidence and efficiency.Sundi can deliver your precision parts on time and in-spec.The final inspection reports are always performed in-house .


Materials of Precision Grinding

Precision grinding can be used with a wide range of engineering metals and tungsten carbide, The aluminum, brass, and plastic are not fair to grind, and The material strength of the workpiece may be reduced because of the high grinding temperature.

Tool Steel
Tools steel has high hardness, abrasion resistance, and good ability to retain its shape.
An alloy is an admixture of metal that is combined with one or more other elements.
Stainless Steel
Stainless is a corrosion-resistant alloy of iron.
Titanium has low density, and high strength, and is resistant to corrosion.


Tungsten Carbide

The tungsten carbide material has high density, low thermal expansion ,it is used to machine the punches and dies ,mold spare parts .

F08/F10 from FUJILLOY


CD35  From Kennametal



Alumina Ceramics
material has the features of higher hardness ,higher melting point ,high resistivity ,lower cost ,proper surface activity, great adhesion and resistance to heat shocks
Zirconia Ceramics
Zirconia has higher resistivity and bending strength, excellent heat insulation and chemical resistance
Silicon Nitride Ceramics
Silicon Nitride has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, chemical properties of stability and higher hardness
Silicon Carbide Ceramics
Silicon carbid is mainly consisting of SiC,it is the most corrosion-resistant ceramic and used in mechanical seals and pump parts
Aluminum Nitride Ceramics
Aluminum Nitride Ceramics has highly thermal conductivity and thermal radiativity,it has good electrical insulation property.

What Is Precision Grinding

The precision machining process is a kid uses a grinding wheel to remove the microns of material to achieve a particular surface finish or tight tolerance dimensions on the part’s surface. The parts made of tools steel, carbide, and ceramic material are very suitable for this grinding process. The grinding machine is mainly built with a rotary spindle, a grinding wheel, and a holding device. Normally, the workpiece is fixed in a stable position, then the abrasive grinding wheel will be passed over the surface of the workpiece. By controlling the movement between the grinding wheel and workpieces, tight tolerance and complex shapes can be achieved.

There are many kinds of precision grinding wheels, mainly silicon carbide grinding wheels, natural super-hard grinding wheels, and diamond grinding wheels. Different wheels are suitable for different applications.

There are different types of grinding machines, they’re the best choice when the turning or other machining methods can be achieved, the following situation that you may consider to machine the parts with the grinding process :

*Type of material, such as the carbide is too hard, it’s difficult to mill the surface.

*Due to surface finish required.

*Small or complex shapes.

*Require high accuracy.

In general, when the part is made of hardened material, the turning tools are not capable to cut and shape these materials, precision grinding will be the better abrasive way than CNC milling on very hard materials.

Types of Precision Grinding

The  grinding process is the way to remove excess material from the workpiece,The following is the most widely used in the manufacturing industries:

According to the different methods, grinding can be used in small or mass production for a wide range of applications.

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