Profile Grinding Service

We provide precision CNC profile grinding service for any complex production for small series of highly qualified parts. The quality and efficiency of our profile grinding service come from years of experience. In 2005, when we purchase the first CNC optical grinder from Japan, the ability of precision grinding is dramatically enhanced. To today, we are working hard to maintain the commitment to offering our clients highly qualified parts and the best competitive price.

Just upload your CAD file, then you’ll get an instant quote for your projects within 6 hours, We will produce and get them to your door as fast as 2 days. All parts will be strictly inspected by skilled workers before express delivery. 

PG Machining Case

carbide punches

There’s a long rough area left after Wire EDM this carbide workpiece, how to remove the microns of material to achieve a particular surface finish and guarantee the dimensions? Profile grinding is the best solution. Fix this carbide punch in the table, and grind it with a grinding wheel.

tirm punch

The material of this punch is normally carbide,which has high hardness and Density, The slot of the teeth is very small, and The Wire EDM process can’t achieve the surface requirement. The profile grinding wheel can grind the slots with a width of 0.2mm and a depth of 5-6 mm.

profile grinding parts

The complex top shape can be achieved by the profile grinding process. The view from the top is magnified to 50 times. The computer controller generates the program and gives the direction to the system. The code will control the movement following the drawing track.

carbide wear parts

When machining the hard material, Do you face the problem that you can’t achieve its accuracy and its finish requirement? Profile grinding has a great advantage in grinding complex shapes, then polishing or coating. A qualified machining process will greatly improve the parts’ working life.

Profile Grinding Capacities

Optical Grinding Process Flat
Complex shapes
Part Types Special Machine Parts
Die Components Gage
Punches and Dies
Materials Tool Steel
Tungsten Carbide
Nickel Alloy
And more
Length Up to 15cm
Part Width Up to 15cm
Accuracy +/-0.002mm
Parallelism +/-0.002mm
Flatness +/-0.002mm
Surface Finish 0.2μm
Inspection Instruments Coordinate Measuring
Tool Microscope
Height Gage
Surface Plate
Gage Blocks
Slide Caliper
Typical Lead Time AS short as two days for urgent
File Formats CAD/CAM System

What is the CNC Profile Grinding

Advanced manufacturing means great challenges in some of the grinding processes.

CNC profile grinding is one of the precision grinding used to grind the hard material that must need a higher surface finish and complex shapes. The operators use bright and clear visibility to program and fix the workpiece quickly and easily. In addition, all components can be inspected before removing the profile grinders, which greatly reduces the inspection and re-fixture time.

The Benefits of PG

  • 1

    Great Grinding Capacity

    Our profile grinder has a great ability to handle a wide variety of workpieces because of the long wheel head stroke and high-speed reciprocation.

  • 2

    High Accuracy of Grinding Parts

    High precision depends on the standard high-power spindle.

  • 3

    Less Cost for Maintenance

    The LED technology improved greatly the image clarity, LED working life and electrical consumption is much lower thanks to the LED technology. In addition, LED technology makes error detection easier to see and minimizes work stress.

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