Surface Grinding Service

We provide precision surface grinding service for any complex production for small and large series of parts, Just upload your CAD file, then you’ll get an instant quote for your projects within 6 hours, We will produce and get them to your door in up to 15 days. All parts will be strictly inspected by skilled workers before express delivery.

rough griniding

Rough grinding is a good way to use a grinding wheel to remove the most material from the hard part surface. Finally, the machined part has rough shapes and roughness.

precision grinding

Precision grinding is a way to remove microns of materials to achieve a particular surface finish and tight roughness, It is one of the most important processes before polishing the surface of the part.

forming grinding

Forming grinding is one of the efficient grinding ways. Firstly, skilled workers grind by forming the grinding wheel with demanding shapes, then grind the part to achieve the requirements of the shape. The forming grinding is normally used for machining the tool steel with hardness.

polish grinding

Polishment after grinding is the final process of the whole machining process. The polished surface will be looked at as a mirror.


Process Flat, Radius ,Form Precision ,Rough
Automation Capabilities CNC or Manual
Part Types Special Machine Parts
Die Components Gage
Machinery Parts
Materials Tool Steel
Stainless Steel
Tungsten Carbide
Nickel Alloy
And more
Length Up to 1m
Part Width Up to 0.5m
Accuracy +/-0.002mm
Parallelism +/-0.002mm
Flatness +/-0.002mm
Surface Finish 0.2μm
Inspection Instruments Inspection Instruments
Coordinate Measuring
Tool Microscope
Height Gage
Surface Plate
Gage Blocks
Slide Caliper
Typical Lead Time AS short as one day for urgent
File Formats CAD/CAM System

What is the Surface Grinding

The grinding surface is one of the precision grinding options, It is used to remove the extra material on the workpiece surfaces and give the flat surface a great finish and accuracy.
The surface grinder is mainly comprised of an abrasive wheel, a working holding device, and a rotary table. The workpieces were fixed in the working holding table and ground by the wheel.
Together with other grinding operations, the surface grinding finish is decided by a wide range of factors, such as wheels, grinding materials, feed rate, wheel speed, and worker experience.
In addition, surface grinding works well with tungsten carbide, tools steel, aluminum, and so on.

The Benefits of Surface Grinding

  • 1

    High accuracy and quality stability

    The surface grinder has high positioning accuracy and repetition accuracy. In the surface grinding process, the dimensional precision of the mass workpieces has a good consistency. So it is convenient for quality control during processing.

  • 2

    High Degree in Automation

    The grinding service can be processed automatically according to the program, it will greatly save manpower and reduce machining mistakes.

  • 3

    Suitable for Flat, Radius, and Grooving Grinding.

The Experience of Grinding the Steel with Little Thickness

How do make sure high precision and great parallelism during grinding very thin steel? It’s a common problem for us. Let’s take an example. the part has 30mm long,20m wide and 1mm, the parallelism should reach +/-0.002μm, and the accuracy should be +/-0.003μm .these kinds of parts are used to plug gauges. The following way is the better way from SUND TOOLS :

  1. We should make sure the raw material has no magnetism
  2. The fixture is ready. The minimum height of this fixture is 10mm, we should make there’s no magnetism when putting the part in the fixture, and the fixture should be bigger than the grinding part, then we’ll use a block to fix the position of the grinding parts.
  3. When the critical size is almost up to the target dimension, it is easy to scrap or out of dimension. so we suggest workers mark the grinding surface with a color pen, workers can process the grinding feeding according to the color.

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