Wire E.D.M Service for Precision Machining

The Wire EDM is increasingly used to make prototypes and production parts in wide range of industries ,including automotive ,aerospace and electronics . Our Wire EDM equipment and advanced technology are the critical aspects for advanced superior tolerance of parts, repeatable and extensive tooling with ultra fine finishes. Whether you need prototypes,short production runs or mass quantity ,Sundi Tools will delivery on time with quality assurance.

Features of Wire E.D.M

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    The tolerance of Wire E.D.M cutting is held to be +/-0.002mm

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    We’re providing one rough cutting and 3 dimensional EDM cutting to highly guarantee the accurate precision.

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    Skilled workers can handle all complex Wire EDM parts.

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    Whatever one pcs or mass demands ,we have enough machining ability to produce them.

wire EDM 1

Our Wire EDM machining service is an accurate process to produce the punch and die with high quality ,the clearance between carbide punch and die is 0.002mm .Ultra fine finishes make the stamping process work more efficient

wire EDM 2

The metal working can turn some of the complex design and configuration into reality .The Wire E.D.M is a crucial part of fabrication that can assist engineers in the efforts. As for the part with mass holes ,it’s a challenge to make all holes are in tolerance.

wire EDM 3

The Wire E.D.M process is widely used in the electronics industry for offering the precision components ,Our carbide punches shows great value to our clients for tightest tolerance.

wire EDM 4

In addition to the Wire E.D.M process for tooling components,We use our EDM equipment to fabricate all shapes with material iron,steel ,titanium alloys and all conductive materials.

What kind of material is suitable for Wire EDM

Since Wire E.D.M requires electrical interaction with the machining material ,Only the conductive material can be processed in the EDM process ,The following material is good choice for Wire E.D.M service .

 Carbide machined by wire E.D.M for wide applications

  • Hard Tool Steels for wire E.D.M machining
  • Stainless Steel-corrosion partsforwire E.D.M
  • Titanium for wire E.D.M service
  • Conductive Copper for wire E.D.M Service
  • Aluminum corrosion resistant in E.D.M machining
  • Alloys with high performance used for E.D.M machining

The Advantages of Wire EDM

The Wire E.D.M is one of the popular machining method for offering more benefits compared with other manufacturing process.
E.D.M is an highly cost-effective machining way ,and it can be used to cut various of conductive materials with high accuracy, great finish and less distortion.
1: Cost effective : When creating dies and molds for manufacturing operations, EDM can be used to cut and shape materials directly. Since wire EDM does not rely on pressure,it can cut both hardened and delicate materials accurately at a high rate of speed, It makes the production ability more efficient .Meanwhile ,The system of Wire E.D.M is highly automated ,less labors are needed compared with grinding process. In addition ,the process of Wire EDM is a saving manufacturing process which greatly reduces material and labor costs.
2: Minimal distortion.
The Wire E.D.M is a valuable manufacturing machining process to cut various of hard,thin and fragile material ,It won’t damage the surface or edge of the cutting workpiece. The regular machining way is easy to create distortion around the cutting area . Not only this distortion will damage the integrity of the machining material,it may influence the cutting parts’ performance .In general,the EDM process is a quick and accurate way to machine the conductive materials without damage.
3: High fabrication speed.
Compared with other machining ways ,Wire E.D.M has less preparation that requires additional finishing process. The program can be quickly set up in the Wire EDM system, and parts can be produced following the orders,then the machining components will have smooth surface and tight tolerance .
4: Extreme accuracy. Wire E.D.M is a extremely precision cutting method , which is more precision than laser and traditional cutting .Since the components is cut without external pressure .The part can be cut with four times without additional finishing ,first rough cutting ,then precision cutting.The Wire E.D.M use very fine brass wire to cut different shapes within tight tolerances.
5: Suitable for complex components.
The Wire EDM is very suitable for producing very small or complex components ,this offers great advantage for aerospace and electronic applications that requires extremely strict details with high accuracy requirements ..

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