Custom Ceramic Parts Maker (Al2O3,ZrO2,Si3N4,SiC)

Ceramic parts are well known for their great performance, Are you Looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier offering precision alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Nitrite, and Silicon carbide components? Our unmatched in-house capacity ensures your parts are delivered on time. As for Sundi , Whatever low or mass volume production, our wide range of ceramic parts will be processed with top quality level.

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    Quick production as fast as 3 day

    On average, we return quotations within 24 hours, Equipped with advanced machining, SUNDI produces highly qualified ceramic parts(Al2O3, ZrO2, Si3N4, SiC) as fast as 3-days.

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    High Accuracy Guaranteed

    We offer various of tolerance according to different demands ,the tolerance can reach +/-0.005mm.

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    OEM/ODM Service

    Our engineers have built up rich experience from our previous projects ,so we can handle all precision machining ceramic process projects in all kinds of industries.

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    Quality Assurance

    Equipped with advanced inspection instruments ,All parts will be strictly inspected before delivery

The industrial ceramic  has great conductivity, higher hardness and higher temperature resistance .In our workingshop,the ceramic parts are mainly produced by three molding technology from  raw material into the shapes :drying processing , high pressure injection molding ,and Isostatic pressing molding .

Because of the special ceramic technical property ,its machining way is not easy like normal machining , Since 2019,by combination of grinding ,drilling and milling ,we’ve participated  and provided more than 2000 precision engineering ceramics parts to hundred companies .


Custom Precision Machining Ceramic Show

Precision Ceramic Components Service and Machining

We’re getting a globally optimal solution from automated engineering tools to the delivery process, committing to improving the machining efficiency and capacity.

strong design ability

Analysis and Design

With consumer plenarily communication, Deepens knows consumer requirements, According to consumer requirements, including accuracy, roughness, and working life, We will design qualified ceramic CNC machining components for different applications.


We have two manufacturing lines for producing ceramic components, one is molding, and another is machining includes milling, drilling, boring, cutting, threading, tapping, and grinding. We’re competitive in custom rapid prototyping, precision short-run, and high-volume machining projects

high quality

Quality Control

Once we have finished the machining components fabrication process, we will do a complete test with precision inspection instruments, including every diameter, angle, and arc. All of them need to be checked by the program before passing to our QC.

Chart of Ceramic Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide, and Silicon Nitride

Thermal Expansion Rate(%)

Flesural Strength Under Different Temperature

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