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zirconium oxide ceramic (ZrO2) maker

The industrial zirconia ceramic surface is white, and processed by powder molding, sintering, and machining. It has good properties of high toughness, high wear resistance, self-lubrication, and excellent heat insulation. Compared with metal parts, When working in a poor environment, the zirconia ceramic parts can be more effective in minimizing wear, improving corrosion resistance, prolong the service life.

molding and machining

  • Molding ( Dry Pressing, Injection, Isostatic Pressing)
  • Grinding (Surface Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding, High precision internal grinding)

Grinding can be used to machine various structural characteristics of Alumina ceramic parts with complex structures according to different characteristics.

  • CNC Machining (Drilling, Milling, Turning, Honing)
  • Polishing/Lapping

Ceramic Machining Parts Maker

As a reliable, quick-turn supplier, we focus on offering customers all kinds of ceramic parts for wide applicationstion. The ceramic material includes alumina ceramic parts (Al2O3) with different grades 95%,99%, and 99.8% Al2O3,Zirconia Oxide, Silicon Nitride, MgO, etc. Our unmatched in-house machining capacity ensures your parts are delivered on time. As for Sundi, Whatever low or mass volume production, our ceramic machining components will be processed at a top-quality level.

Zirconia Ceramic Parts Product show

Zirconium Ceramic Pins

Zirconium Ceramic Pins

Working in the textile engineering or welding tooling industry, adapted to meet and solve customer-specific requirements or problems.

Zirconium Oxide Rollers and Rings

Zirconium Oxide Rollers and Rings

We have a good emergency and running operations, design, and machining ability to meet different needs.

ZrO2 Frames

ZrO2 Frames

A variety of Zirconia Oxide frames with high dimensional accuracy. Competitive advantage in wear, corrosion, or temperature resistance.

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Sundi Tools has decades yeas of experience in designing and manufacturing customized alumina ceramic parts with initial on-site consultation, Contact our sales team ,you will get a quick reply.

Advantages of offering Zirconia Ceramic Parts

We have been focusing on high-end precision manufacturing for decades years. Through technological innovation and high-quality product services, sundi provides customers with high-quality zirconia ceramic parts and technical supporting solutions. The influence of Sundi not only lies in the creation of ceramic parts value but also comes from the continuous efforts to promote high-end precision manufacturing applications all the time. Our professional engineering team will offer you suitable ceramic machining parts with the following material advantages:

High Hardness and Wear Resistance

Its density is 6.05g/cm3, higher than alumina ceramic. Its wear resistance is 266 times Mn-steel, the zirconia ceramic components can extend 10 times of working life compared to steel.

High Tenacity, Corrosion Resistance, and antimagnetic

Excellent performance in operation when working on the equipment.

Strong Processing Experience

We are committing to industrial ceramic parts processing ,and has a large automatic production line and strong ability.

Steady Product Quality

Precision machining equipment and management system standards ensure every product's accuracy and stability of quality.

Optimize Process to Improve Efficiency

We have a group of professional sales and service team to provide you with professional after-sales service, solving problems in time

Custom-Made Service

Customization according to different demands

Typical Application of Zirconia Ceramic Parts

Zirconia Ceramics material has great performance of higher resistivity, bending strength, excellent heat insulation, and chemical resistance. The coefficient expansion of Zirconia ceramic is close to that of metal, Zirconia Ceramics are widely used in the mechanical, medical, new energy auto, and 3C industries.

Mechanical Engineering: Guide Pillar, Guide Sleeve, Sealing Ring, Sealing Sleeve, Spool valve seat, and bearing.

Medical Instruments: Plunger Ration Pump, Medical Mold.

New Energy: Cutters

Welding Industry: Welding Heater Filter

Automobile: Zirconia Ceramics Sensor

3C Electronics: Rings, Tools, Headset.

Zirconium Ceramic Liquid Filling Pump

Zirconia Ceramic Parts
  • Material

    Zirconia Ceramic

  • Specification

    Custom made

  • Application

    Filling Pump

  • Tolerance


Zirconia Ceramic Support Head

zirconia ceramic
  • Material

    zirconium oxide ceramic

  • Specification

    Custom Made

  • Application

    Supporting Head

  • Model

    8 teeth, 12 teeth, and 18 teeth

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Mechanical Characteristics

 Content  unit ZrO2
 Color    Bright White
 Density  g/cm  6.02
 Bending Strength  Mpa  800
 Compressive strength  Mpa  300
 Elastic Modulus  Gpa  200
 Fracture Toughness  Mpam 8
 Weber Coefficient  m  15
 Vickers Hardness  HV0.5  1200

Thermal Characterics

 Content  unit ZrO2
 Coefficient of line Thermal Expansion  10-8 K -1 10
 Thermal Conductivity W/mk   3
 Thermal Shock Resistance ▲ T°c   300
 Max working temperature   C°  1000

Electrical Characteristics

   unit ZrO2
 Volume Resistance at 20C°  Ωcm  >10
 Dielectric Strength V/m   15x10
Dielectric Constan πr   9
 One MHZ Dielectric Loss Angle at 20°C   Tan  0.0004


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Please click the contact form, submit your contact information, then describe your detailed requirements and upload the files with PDF, Dxf, or step. Our professional engineers will contact you within 12 hours

Please do not worry, click the contact form, and please describe your needs in detail, our technical engineer will contact you after receiving it. 

We are very sorry that all reamers are custom-made according to the customer’s requirements. So we don’t have any in stock.

The delivery time depends on the complexity of ceramic parts and the purchasing quantity. we usually take about 15-20 days to finish them.

Dear customers, We will 100% inspect all dimensions of ordering ceramic parts before shipment, and generate detailed inspection reports. We will deliver to you together.

We placed great emphasis on the safety, timeliness, and efficiency of transportation. So we only cooperate with the best international logistics companies, such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx. We can accept EXW, FOB, DAP, DDP, and other service terms.

We are a direct tooling manufacturer, and T/T transfer is available. For the sample with a small amount, we can also accept credit cards, papal, western union, etc.

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