There are huge numbers of CNC machining workshops around the world, why choose Sundi for the following reasons:

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    Quick production as fast as 3 days

    On average, we return quotations within 24 hours, Using the latest CNC machines, SUNDI produces highly qualified machining parts as fast as 3 days.

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    High Accuracy Guaranteed

    Sundi offers various tolerance according to different demands, the tolerance can reach +/-0.002mm.

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    OEM/ODM Service

    Our engineers have built up rich experience from our previous projects, so we can handle all machining process projects in all kinds of industries.

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    Quality Assurance

    Equipped with advanced inspection instruments, All parts will be strictly inspected before delivery.

Are you looking for the OEM ,reliable, quick-feedback supplier of plastic and metal machined components ?We’re the professional ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer to make your idea to real parts .Sundi Provides a wide range of precision machining services including CNC milling ,CNC turning, Wire EDM,Wire Sinker and precision grinding.Equipped with precision 3-,4-and5-axis CNC machining centers.Combined with other advanced machining capacities and professional engineering team, we can handle all the technical aspects of designing and machining process ,so your team just focus on the final goods.If you need a precision machining for plastic and molding metal parts ,SUNDI is the best partner to work with !


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CNC machining Aluminium

Aluminium parts

CNC machining parts

Aluminium Parts

Aluminium Parts

brass cnc machining parts

Brass Parts

steel cnc machining parts

Tool Steel Parts

cnc machining parts

Aluminium Parts

cnc machining parts with black coating

Black Coating Aluminium Parts

zro2 cnc machining ceramic parts

Ceramic Turning Parts

Material of CNC Machining Parts


Aluminum: It is common material for its excellent strength,lower cost and recyclability .It is commonly used for machining parts for gears,lock components,pipe fittings and so on.

Copper: It is a soft,malleable and ductile metal with thermal and electrical conductivity,which is suitable for machining the wire connectors and discharge electrode.

Tool Steel : It has wear resistance character and is used to machine the fixtures ,machinery components ,tools holders and so on.

Stainless Steel :The high resistant to corrosion and rust make it suitable for machining the components with longer use time.

Titanium Alloy :It can withstand high and subzero temperature for machining parts aerospace fasteners,engine components and so on.


ABS: It is a kind of material with lower cost used for injection parts ,then machining.     

Nylon:Resistance to frictional and chemical wear make it suitable for machining parts for medical devices and electronics insulation 

Acrylic  :It is common and resistant plastic material and used for tanks and other application.

PMMA:It is a kind of high transparency material and used for medical instruments and automobile industry.

 PEEK:PEEK material can be working in high-stress or high-temperature applications ,so it can replace some soft materials .

POM:It has higher hardness and resistance compared other plastic ,POM is suitable for machining parts of instruments components and wearing parts.

CNC machining Aluminium Parts

Let’s Make Custom CNC Machining Easy

We’re getting a globally optimal solution from automated engineering tools to delivery process ,committing to improve the machining efficiency and capacity.

Upload+Instant Quotes

Upload your CAD file to get an instant and exact quotation .

Confirmation + Manufacturing

You will receive our engineering specialist feedback on all parts,the production will be arranged after confirmation.

Receive +Review

Easily get the orders information online ,track delivery information until you receive them .

The Tolerance of CNC Machining Working

Limits for normal size   Metals  Plastic
 0.5mm-3mm  ±0.05mm  ±0.1mm
 Over 3mm to 6mm  ±0.05mm  ±0.1mm
 Over 6mm to 30mm   ±0.02mm  ±0.2mm
 Over 30mm to 120 mm  ±0.1mm  ±0.3mm
 Over120mm to 400mm  ±0.2mm  ±0.5mm
 Over 400 mm to 1000mm  ±0.3mm  ±0.8mm
 Over 400 mm to 1500mm   ±0.5mm  ±1.2 mm

Application of CNC Machining Parts

Production Parts

Production Parts

Custom parts manufactured with high accuracy,great surface for automotive ,electronics ,machinery and consumable needs .

Fixtures &Molds

Fixtures &Molds

CNC machining for the making spare parts and assembly ,improve the efficiency of operations .

3-D Prototypes

3-D Prototypes

Utilize CNC machining to create prototypes in your production material for functional testing

What is CNC Machining ?

CNC machining is a popular manufacturing process to make raw material into half-machined or final products, Workers use computer program software to input the instructions into the machine’s system. This process can be used in a wide range of complex types of machinery, such as CNC grinding, CNC milling, and CNC turning. With the help of CNC machining technology, Complex machining tasks can be finished in a single set of machines with precision and high velocity.

How Does CNC Machining Works

The programs are usually automatically created by CAM software for the CNC machining process, The computer generates the code for the 3-D model and gives the direction to systems with tools and workpiece material. This code controls the movements of the workpiece and the tools, also the code can give the direction to turn on or off the coolant and other machinery components.

CNC machining can be used for a wide range of materials, such as aluminum, brass, ABS, and PMMA. Whatever the soft or hard material, they all can be CNC machined. It plays an important role in the manufacturing industry.

The Differences of CNC Engraving and High Speed Milling Machines

The working speed and feeding speed of a High-speed milling machine is faster than normal CNC machines, the spindle speed can reach 30000RPM, and the processing speed and reaction speed is obviously superior to other CNC machines with lower speed.So we can use a high-speed turning process with micro-end mills to enhance the productivity and parts’ accuracy.Meanwhile, the deformation of the part is greatly reduced because of less force when milling and turning

In summary, the high-speed milling machine is suitable for machining high-precision parts, brass material, graphite electrodes,s and so on. In the process of molding parts, high-speed milling machines are used to machine the tool steel with 60HRC which greatly reduces the working time of Wire E.D.M.

CNC engraving is a collective name for engraving, carving, and molding. The spindle speed can reach over 30000RPM, but the spindle power is less than the CNC machine center. This CNC engraving machine is suitable for machining small parts with higher accuracy requirements. There’s less advantage during the heavy cutting process, and the whole machine is smaller than CNC high-speed milling machine. Since CNC engraving is mainly used to machine small parts, such as the electrode machining, aluminum parts, and molding industry. The whole machine is smaller than CNC high-speed milling machine.

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