Wear Parts

carbide wear parts

We are professional maker of standard and special wear parts and components tipped with carbide, PCD, CBN for workpiece support and reference. These parts are required to achieve the highest wear life and ideal performance in many applications.

PCD material has a great performance with its remarkable strength and wear resistance, So the wear parts tipped with PCD blade will create very low friction. The working life of PCD wear part is 50-100 times compared with parts made from carbide or high speed steel.

Show Case

Diamond(PCD)Wear Parts

Diamond(PCD)Wear Parts

The PCD blade is tipped into the holders, the  diamond wear parts will have lower frication compared with carbide tipped wear parts.

Carbide Wear Parts

Carbide Wear Parts

The wear parts tipped with carbide are used in the grinding machines for keeping great position accuracy and concentricity

Replaceable Wear Parts

Replaceable Wear Parts

After the long running process, there will be a certain degree of wear and tear in the carbide area, so we can replace the carbide area with lower cost.


Tooling Life Comparison:

PCD Wear Parts 97
Other Wear Parts 9

The wear part tipped with PCD material is one of the greatest guaranteed method for manufacturing. It will help you to develop your machining to be precision tolerance.

The surface roughness of PCD blade is equivalent to mirror (Ra<20nm).No damage to  surface of workpiece and can remain the original brightness.

Compared with carbide, ceramics and HSS, PCD material has the lowest friction coefficients with iron and steel, good durability.

Highly wear resistant, extended service lives and lower wastrel rate.


The wear parts tipped with PCD  have wide application in all processing steps in the production chain. They significant influence the quality of the products that are manufactured:

*PCD Bearing Support: Front Plate, Pressure Rotor, Loading Shoe, Backing Plate.

*Electronic Components: Punch Tooling, Rounded Shaped Die, Rectangular Shaped Die, Diamond Chip Heater, Bonding Of IC Chips.

*Machine Tools: Centerless Blad, Fixed Lathe Centres, Gauge Heads. and Support pads for lathes.

*Automible Industry (Camshaft, Crankshaft, spray nozzles), Measuring fixtures, Measuring probes and points, Etc.

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