Die Tooling and Die Components Making

Need die tooling and die components to replace the spare parts of the stamping and injection tools? Sundi is known as the best maker of high-precision custom parts in China. We’re professional in optimizing the skills and knowledge of an experienced manufacturing team with the state of the art equipment. The custom dies tooling and die components will be delivered to clients in time.

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    Quick production as fast as 3- days

    On average, we return quotations within 12 hours, Using the latest machining technology, SUNDI produces highly qualified die tooling and dies components for maintenance of molds as fast as 3-days.

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    High Accuracy Guaranteed

    Sundi offers various tolerance according to different demands, the accuracy can reach +/-0.001mm.

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    OEM/ODM Service

    Our engineers have built up rich experience from our previous projects, they have great experience to handle all machining process projects in different kinds of industries.

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    Quality Assurance

    Equipped with advanced inspection instruments, we inspected the finished parts strictly before shipment.

  • Design-and-Build Models

    Support for all kinds of standard and precision special mold and die components.

  • Precision Grinding

    (Surface,Profile ,Cylindrical Centerless,Internal )

    Removing the micro material from hard material to reach the high accuracy and complex shape .

  • EDM (Wire EDM ,Sinker EDM  and Small Hole EDM )

    Creating desired shape or mirror surface requirements.

  • CNC Machining(Turning ,Milling,Drilling)

    Surface Treatment (Polishing,TIN coating ,TICN coating,DLC coating)

  • Polishing

  • TIN coating

  • TICN coating

  • DLC coating

  • Heat treatment

  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Tool Steels
  • Ceramics
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper  
  • Alloy Steel
  • And more
progressive die stamping

Precision stamping and injection die are the highly versatile process used to create highly accurate parts for a wide range of demanding industries .the die components are the consumable parts for assemble or replacement in the die working process,high accuracy and performance requirements.

We specialized in the design and manufacturer of carbide or steel die tooling components for different requirements,our professional engineers designers can work with you ,using your requirements and preferences to provide you with quality replacement parts to the most demanding specifications.

Or if you prefer ,we will build a special die component with the design you provide .

Whatever the design is yours or ours, Sundi workers will expertly manufacturer and assemble them to meet your special requirements.


Mold and Die Components Show

Let’s Make Custom Precision Manufacturing Easy

We’re getting a globally optimal solution from automated engineering tools to delivery process ,committing to improve the machining efficiency and capacity.

Upload+Instant Quotes

Upload your CAD file to get an instant quotation for mold and die components 

Confirmation + Manufacturing

You will receive our engineering specialist feedback on all parts,the production will be arranged after confirmation.

Receive +Review

Easily get the orders information online ,track delivery information until you receive them .

The Option of Die Tooling Components Material

SKD11Die Steel56-58HRCWear-resistant heat-resistantNo high-temperature TemperingThin Plate (2mm)
DC53Die Steel62-63HRCHigh strength and Good FlexibleThick Plate
SKH-51High-Speed Steel 62-64HRCWear Resistant and Good Flexible Hard to MachineThick Plate
SKH55High-Speed Steel with W62-64HRCHigh hardness, easy to grindHard to MachineThick Plate
SKH-9High-Speed Steel with W62-64HRCWear Resistant,Great Impact ResistanceHard to MachineThick Plate
M42High-Speed Steel with67-68HRCGreat Cutting Ability and easy to grindPoor FlexibleThin Plate
ASP23Power Steel 62-64HRCWear Resistant,Good Flexible and Stability,high compressive strengthHard to MachineMedium-thickness
ASP30Alloy High-Speed Steel 65-67HRCWear Resistant,Good Flexible and Stability,high compressive strengthHard to MachineMedium-thickness
ASP60Power High-Speed Steel67-69HRCWear Resistant,Good Flexible and Stability,high compressive strengthHard to MachineThin Plate
CarbideHard Alloy Steel89-93HRCHigh hardness,Wear ResistantHard to Machine,Easy to be brokenMedium-thickness

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