Carbide Die Inserts

carbide die

Carbide die insert is often working with the punch tooling in industrial production die tooling, Following the different needs of the product,we can produce different shapes with the highest quality materials,from round, square, oblong, rectangle, hex, flatted-round, and just about any other shaped you need.The designed die tooling is different according to different stamping processing materials,basically product or semi-finished product can be completed through a number of steps of stamping processing.Our professional engineer can help you improve part quality by choosing proper material and coating process for better manufacturing ability.

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Carbide Dies with Steel Body

Carbide Dies with Steel Body

By welding the carbide dies into the steel body,we can greatly reduce the cost of the die inserts and keep the same performance with the carbide dies.

Carbide Dies with Complex shapes

Carbide Dies with Complex shapes

The Wire Cutting can process all kinds of complex shapes with top level quality carbide or tool steel material.It has smooth surface and great dimensional control.

Tungsten Custom Dies

Tungsten Custom Dies

Grind by cylindrical grinding and mirror polish for all surface, each process are followed by our experienced workers.And DLC and TiN coating will improve the tooling life.

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Main Manufacturing Process for Carbide Die Inserts

MaterialsTungsten Carbide (F10,F20,KD20,HS40,HS25 and more )
Manufacturing ProcessSurface Grinding,Profile Grinding.
Surface Finish0.4μm (polish)
Surface Treatment DLC /TIN/TICN coating
Inspection InstrumentsCoordinate Measuring,Tool Microscope,Height Gage,Surface Plate,Gage Blocks,Micrometer,Slide Caliper.
Typical Lead TimeAS short as two days for urgent

Mirror Polishing of Carbide Die Inserts

carbide punch and die after polishing

Mirror polishing technology is an important part of die surface engineering,It is an important process after the die tooling manufacturing. At present,most of the polishing equipment abrasives and process can reach Ra0.05μm which can basically meet the needs, It is still in  the exploratory stage if we want to reach Ra0.025μm mirror polishing.As the large-scale application of mirror injection mold, the polishing technology takes an important role in die production for its great advantages.

Mirror polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electronic chemical action to reduce  surface roughness of the workpiece and obtain bright, smooth surface processing method.It’s the modification processing by using of polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing medium on the surface of the workpiece.

After mirror polishing,the carbide die inserts will have smooth and clean surface,the stamping parts will have no depression, impurities, damage, meet the quality requirements. And the polished metal die tooling is easier to clean and maintain.

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