Die Components

die components

The die tooling are usually divided into two categories, one kind is special die components which should be machined with customized requirements,another kind is the standard components which is not directly involved in the process ,just for ensuring the die tooling assembly and improve the mold function, including guide components, fastening parts,string and other standard parts.

Our manufacturing room specialize in fabricating die components to maintain all kinds of die tooling by coupling the efficiency of CNC machining,turning,precision grinding,wire cutting and sinker EDM.We will work with you to create the most effective approach to manufacture your parts

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Tool Steel Components

Tool Steel Components

Parts with HRC62-64 are mainly machined by precision grinding and Wire EDM,serving a wide range of industries including automotive,aerospace,medical devices with excellent quality.

Mold Die Components

Mold Die Components

Tool steel with high level quality are used to maintenance the die tooling.The Wire Cutting should control the holes with good accuracy and great surface smooth without deformation

Special  Components

Special Components

Mass small holes of the mold components can be machined with high precision machines , whatever it is carbide or steel material ,we can reach the accuracy and dimensions requirements.

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Main Manufacturing Process

Surface, Cylindrical Grinding Manual, CNC with +/-0.002mm
Profile Grinding CNC with +/-0.002mm
CNC Machining CNC with +/-0.005mm
Wire EDMCNC with +/-0.002mm
Sinker EDMCNC with +/-0.005mm
TreatmentHeat treatment
Secondary Service Offered Design, machine and assembly.
Typical Lead TimeAS short as 7 days for urgent

The Introduction of Components Processing

Die components or mold accessories refer to the parts or components of the mold tooling, It can also refer to the replaced components for maintenance of tooling after damage.Precision molds are generally composed of many parts, which can be divided into two categories: process parts and structural parts. The quality of process parts directly affect the mold tooling life. Most of the process in the current precision mold accessories are finished by many manufacturing process.

Precision machining process is related to the life of precision die and molding products.During the precision die parts processing stage, in addition to the selection of precision wire cutting, sinker E.D.M and other technological techniques, the other method is the precision grinding after in semi-finishing and heat treatment. So in the process of precision grinding stage, many technical parameters such as deformation, internal stress, shape service and scale precision need to be controlled.

In the actual production practice, the operation will face more difficulty.Following the decades years of precision machining experience,We start from mold finishing process by controlling each precision die components manufacturing. we can adapt the processing according to different mold components, material, shapes and different technical requirements.

After the optimize the processing process, we can achieve better processing function and economy ,it is the key for most precision die components processing enterprises. The processing process of precision machining components is generally as follows: rough machining – half finishing machining – (quenching, quenching and tempering) – precision grinding – electrical machining – fitter dressing – assembly processing

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