Mold Tooling

mold workshop

There’s a wide application of mold tooling with a large number of mechanical and electrical products, such as automobiles, bicycles, sewing machines, cameras, motors, electrical appliances, instruments.

The mold tooling is basically a single production, its shape is complex, and it has high requirements of the structural strength, stiffness, surface hardness, surface roughness and processing the mold die set tooling production needs to have a high level of technology.We has assembled an experienced and professional staff that works with you every step of the way to assure your needs until satisfaction.Each parts are machined and assembled in-house to make sure the tools are in good quality control and competitive prices.we pride ourselves on solving all your die set tooling working problems and making this part of your process as stress free as possible.

What We Can Do



Sundi understands the importance of our client’s projects, we’ll participating in design and build the complete mold tooling for your part.And we also produce the die components for maintenance the tooling with high accuracy in short time



Our advanced equipment for product quality and efficiency provide the solid safeguard.Manufacturing process mainly include CNC machining,surface grinding,profile grinding,Wire and sinker E.D.M,assembly.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance team will assure every feature meets your specifications, thoroughly testing every part that is manufactured.we prides itself on the product’s quality and quality assurance we provide through our manufacturing process.

Connect with the Sundi Tools Sales Team

Sundi Tools has decades years of experience in designing and manufacturing precision metal components with initial on-site consultation, Contact our sales team,you will get a quick reply.

Main Manufacturing Process for Complete Mold Tooling

Surface, Cylindrical Grinding Manual, CNC with +/-0.002mm
Profile Grinding CNC with +/-0.002mm
CNC Machining CNC with +/-0.005mm
Wire EDMCNC with +/-0.002mm
Sinker EDMCNC with +/-0.005mm
TreatmentHeat treatment
Secondary Service Offered Design, machine and assembly.
Typical Lead TimeAS short as 7 days for urgent

Mold Tooling Maintenance

tool maintenance

The standard and customized die components are service to ensure precision work is completed .The customized die set tooling and its components are determined by the tooling  complex and the type of production works.

our top priority in the mold and die maintenance area is offering clients the best cost-effective solution and parts.Regular preventive service is critical to prolong the tooling working life.We can handle the most complex die tooling and die components making and find out the source of a problem on tooling maintenance .

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