Advanced Precision CNC Turning Service

Are you looking for a cost-effective CNC turning parts with great quality? Sundi Tools is a professional metal working provides CNC machines with quantities of advanced machines. We offer CNC machining service for various of custom machining parts serving for  high-speed rail, automobile, UAV, home appliance, photography, pneumatic, medical and other industries,the. turning material includes copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and all kinds of plastic,whatever small or mass quantity, simple or complex, you can get your ordering parts as quick as 2 days .Our skilled engineers will participate in your projects from the beginning to the end, they will find the best way to design and machine the high qualified CNC turning parts for customers.

CNC turning parts

CNC Turning Service Advantages

CNC turning is primarily used to make circular parts and is preferred way to machine the parts with cylindrical and conical shapes. It is the second most widely used process for manufacturing mechanical parts.With decades of experiences and technology in CNC machining service area with the following advantages:

*Cost Reduction-Because of automated CNC turning machines,cost can be saved through reducing the labor costs.

*High quality material – all materials are from high qualified suppliers,we refuse to cut corners and maintain every product manufactured carefully.

*Customized design – Our CNC lathes can accommodate a variety of cutting tools which can ensure all parts are manufactured following special requirements.

*High precision – strictly control every step during all process, and strictly inspect all products before delivery.

*Strong production capacity – strong processing capacity with a number of machines.

*Rapid Production – We have the ability to complete complex parts in a short time.

*Quality service – timely communication with customers on production schedule to make sure delivery on time.

CNC Turning Service Capacities

The  turning process has the great ability to machine a wide range of materials and produce customized machining parts with faster speed than traditional machining way. The following is the main materials suitable for CNC turning.

CNC Turning is one of the popular way to start the initial machining or produce the end machined parts,the material mainly includes:

Aluminum,Copper,Stainless Steel,Iron,Titanium Alloy,Plastic and more.

The surface treatment of CNC workpiece surface depends on the technical requirements,it mainly includes:

Oxidation ,Color Painting,Electroplating,Polishing and more.

cnc turning parts

Typical CNC Turning Parts We Can Offer

We have great flexibility supplying precision custom-made CNC turning parts to serve hundreds of companies for a wide application. Wide range of turning material are available to work for your projects. Sundi maintains our arms to achieve a lower total cost for your projects.

brass turning parts

Brass Turning Parts

Our machining operators are skilled in manufacturing tight tolerance parts from all types of plastic materials in various shapes, sizes, such as PMMA, POM, ABS AND Nylon,brass and more. By paying attention to every details, choosing the right tools, proper grade material and optimizing the feed rates and cutting speed, We uphold the brass turning part with accuracy as close as +/-0.05mm.

brass turning parts

Turning Parts

With our great machining expertise, we produce high-value parts for demanding industries. The size of the turning area is too small, By optimizing the cutting parameter, choosing carbide inserts with special coating, we obviously increase the manufactured efficiency


Automation Capabilities CNC, Manual
Secondary service offered Design
Precision Grinding
EDM (Wire EDM and Sinker EDM )
CNC Turning
CNC Drilling
Inspection Instruments Coordinate Measuring
Tool Microscope
Height Gage
Surface Plate
Gage Blocks
Slide Caliper
Typical Lead Time AS short as 2 days for urgent
File Formats CAD/CAM System
Industry served Aerospace
Defence Industry
Food Production
Consumer Goods

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