The Application of Tungsten Carbide

Cemented carbide material has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, good wear resistance strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and in the temperature of 500 ℃ also remain unchanged, still high hardness at 1000。

The tungsten carbide components are widely used in various of industries.

Structural parts:

Tungsten components are used for many structural parts, such as changing seal rings, shortening machine pistons, lathe chucks, grinding machine spindles, bearing journals, etc.

carbide dies

Dies components

Tungsten components are used for various types of dies, which accounts for about 8% of the total production of tungsten. including wire drawing dies, cold heading dies, cold extrusion dies, hot extrusion dies, hot forging dies, forming dies and drawing dies Rods, such as long mandrels, spherical core rods, floating core rods, etc., the amount of various types of rods used in rolling wire rods has grown rapidly in the past ten years, and tungsten steel drills for rolls in my country have accounted for 3% of the total production of tungsten.

Geological mining tools

Geological mining tools are also a major use of tungsten. Tungsten tools are used in geology and mining accounts for about 25% of the total production of tungsten steel in my country. It is mainly used for drill bits for impact rock drilling, drill bits for geological survey, down-the-hole drills for mining and oil fields, roller cone drills, coal cutters, and building materials. Property impact drills, etc

carbide wear parts

Wear-resistant parts

Wear-resistant parts are made of tungsten steel include nozzles, guide rails, plungers, balls, tire cleats, snow plow boards and so on

Cutting Tools

Tungsten carbide mills and drills can be used as a variety of cutting tools. The tungsten material for CNC tools only accounts for about 20% of the tungsten steel for indexable tools. In addition, there are integral tungsten steel drills, integral tungsten steel small garden saw blades, tungsten steel micro drills and other cutting tools.

Other application

Tungsten is more and more widely used, and it has been continuously expanded in the civilian scale in recent years, such as watch chains, watch cases, zipper pullers of advanced luggage, and tungsten steel trademarks.

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