Bar Cut Punch

bar cut punch and die

The bar cut punch is mainly produced with high level of tungsten carbide to tool steel,It plays an important role in semiconductor packaging which has high requirements in the tolerance and stable performance.We are equipped with advance machining devices to produce the bar cut punches ,such as optical grinding from Waida and Wasino,E.D.M sinker from Sodick.All slots are grind by profile grinding with great surface finish and tolerance ,which can improve tooling life by 50-100% for trim mold.We used the qualified tungsten carbide with well-known brand ,such as FUJILLOY, Kennametal,EVERLOY ,CERATIZIT and so on.They have higher resistance for certain precision metal stamping operation, reduce the maintenance time of metal stamping mold.

Show Case

Tiebar Cut Punch

Tiebar Cut Punch

The slot of the cut punch’s teeth is very small ,The Wire EDM process can’t achieve the surface requirement. The profile grinding wheel can grind the slots with width 0.2mm and depth 5-6 mm.

Custom Cut Punch

Custom Cut Punch

Various of cut punch top can be reached by precision manufacturing process,such as Sinker EDM for machining the harden material Asp23 with HRC62-64,The tolerance can reach +/-0.002mm.

Carbide Cut Punch

Carbide Cut Punch

There’s high precision in semiconductor industry ,we produce various of cut punch with advanced equipment,such as optical profile grinding,wire E.D.M to meet the top requirements in each process

Main Manufacturing Process for Carbide Punches

MaterialsTungsten Carbide (F10,F20,KD20,HS40,HS25 and more ) HSS etc
Surface GrindingManual, CNC with +/-0.001mm
Profile GrindingCNC with +/-0.001mm
Wire EDM CNC with +/-0.001mm
Wire Sinker EDMCNC with +/-0.002mm
Secondary Service OfferedDesign, machine and assembly
Surface TreatmentPolishing,DLC, TiN,TiCN and more
Typical Lead TimeAS short as two days for urgent

Semiconductor cut steel moulds including mutual cooperation upper cutting tool and lower cutting tool,they’re working in mutual cooperation .The upper cutting tools including its ontology and punch as a body of the blade, the lower cutting tool has placed the semiconductor product ontology pits and the carbide dies working as blade tooth, There are some clearance between the punch and die tooth blade set corresponding to the blade slot between blade than stated on the cutter body thin, between end face and horizontal bevel edge. When cutting  the blade of the carbide bar cut punch is tilted and gradually cut, which can reduce burr, pin damage and residual waste ribs while ensuring the cutting effect. And one-sided contact can be reached with the cutting bar at a certain Angle, to make sure the tool wear is small, so that the service life of the semiconductor cutting bar mold can be increased greatly

The Influence of DLC coating on the Working Life

As a result of the bar cut punch processing technology, the head grain of the punch is perpendicular to the center lines (see follows). The bar cut punches slide relative to the die plates during working, if the surface is coated with DLC , It will has a great influence on working life ,DLC coating has excellent properties such as stable quality, good adhesion to matrix, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient and good corrosion resistance.



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