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Punch and die are working in the cold stamping process to process the raw material into semi-finished or finished products with different shapes. These punch and die are the essential process part for the stamping production,they are directly related to the precision quality of stamping tooling and the finished stamping parts.

Sundi Tools has decades years of machining the precision parts for maintenance of stamping tools,serving for the electric,semiconductor and energy industry.We have the advanced manufacturing machines and measuring devices to ensure the consistent quality,high precision,excellent working performance

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Carbide Punch and Die

Carbide Punch and Die

The preforming process are normally involved in manufacturing the bigger carbide punches and dies. Whatever the shapes are round,square,rectangle or complex,it’s easy for us ,we will choose proper manufacturing process to make sure all are up with clients requirements

Carbide Components for deep drawing

Carbide Components for deep drawing

Strong ability to design and machine all shapes of precision components for metal deep drawing working,It will extend the working life if polishing the inner side of the carbide dies and outside of punches.


Punch and Die after wire cutting

Punch and Die after wire cutting

The punch is matched with the dies when stamping working,the clearance between them is very small for some precision molds.We use mainly profile grinding and Wire Cutting process to guarantee all dimension are in good tolerance

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Main Manufacturing Process for Carbide Punches

MaterialsTungsten Carbide (F10,F20,KD20,HS40,HS25 and more )
Manufacturing ProcessSurface Grinding,Profile Grinding.
Surface Finish0.4μm (polish)
Surface Treatment DLC /TIN/TICN coating
Inspection InstrumentsCoordinate Measuring,Tool Microscope,Height Gage,Surface Plate,Gage Blocks,Micrometer,Slide Caliper.
Typical Lead TimeAS short as two days for urgent

The Advantage of Punch and Die Working

stamping room

Wear Resistance

Great were resistance is one of the most important functions during metal working . the were resistance depends on the friction. Yet the friction from  punch surface and workpiece will affect the working life .We design and manufacture the punches & dies with good finish . So they  will reduce the friction and  extend the tooling life

High Temperature Resistance:

When the working temperature is raising ,the poor die and punch will make the molds out of shape . Or we have to replace the punch and die frequently .So the material of the molds should have higher temperature stability . Good material will make sure the whole mold parts in good hardness and strength.

Good Flexibility:

The working condition punching tool is very strict, it need a loading resistance to avoid breaking. So the higher loading resistance flexibility is very important to make sure the mold working stability

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