Punch Tooling Cost Reduction For Clients

Are you Looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier offering punch tooling components ? Our unmatched in-house capacity ensures your parts are delivery on-time, every single time. As for Sundi , Whatever low or mass volume production ,our punch tooling will be process with top quality level .

  • 1

    Improve tooling life by 50-100% from trim punch and die

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    Higher resistance for certain precision metal stamping operations

  • 3

    Reduce the maintenance of metal stamping

  • 4

    Less downtime when the spare parts need to be replaced


* Surface Grinding
* Profile Grinding
* Cylindrical Grinding
* Centerless Grinding
* Internal Grinding
* Wire E.D,M
* Sinker E.D.M
* Small Hole EDM
CNC Machining (Turning ,Milling,Drilling)
Surface Treatment
* Polishing
* TIN coating
* TICN coating
* DLC coating


Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten carbide is formed and pressed ,the carbide is approximately twice as hard as steel ,and twice as density as steel.

Tool Steels
The tools steels have their distinctive hardness,resistance to abrasion.

The ceramic material has various hard ,brittle,heat-resistant.

Carbide Toolings

Tungsten carbide

progressive stamping punches

Polit punches

Straight Carbide Punches

Dies for progressive die stamping

Punches for assembles semiconductor

Slot dies

Tungsten carbide cold forming dies

Tungsten carbide cold forming punches

Trim Tool and form dies

In the metal stamping tools. The punch and dies are widely used to press the material into different shapes or cut the material. Some of them are not precision because of the end-products needs ,but some are not ! Especially in the electronic and semiconductor industry ,the accuracy will reach +/-0.001mm .

Typically carbide or hard steel are used to make the punch and die. Compared with the steel ,the carbide material has higher hardness and strength , they greatly extend the service life of your tools. Our comprehensive range of products have wide application in various industries .

Therefore ,the state-of-the-art machining equipment and technology are very important . They’re applied to ensure the consistent quality,high precision,excellent working performance . Also the TICN and DLC coating are available to extend the tool life and improve the end-part quality .


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Fast Delivery

Quick production as fast as 5 days


High precision tolerance ranging from +/-0.002mm-0.005mm

OEM / ODM Service

We have experienced team to produce tools following your special requirements.

Cost Saving

One-stop-shop with professional manufacturing ability

Quality Assurance

One by one inspection before delivery

Consumable parts Stock Service

Making the stock for the regular replacement of punches and dies

Metal Stamping Use Case

Date 2020/9
application Stamping Punch
Size φ20
Speed 200spm
material SUS430
Thickness T=75
Date 2017/12
application Stamping Punch
Size φ0.2mm
Process L/D=2.5
material brass

The Options of Punch Tooling Material

Cr12Die SteelWear ResistantPoor Impact ResistanceThin Plate (2mm)
SKD11Die Steel56-58HRCWear-resistant heat-resistantNo high-temperature TemperingThin Plate (2mm)
DC53Die Steel62-63HRCHigh strength and Good FlexibleThick Plate
SKH-51High-Speed Steel 62-64HRCWear Resistant and Good Flexible Hard to MachineThick Plate
SKH55High-Speed Steel with W62-64HRCHigh hardness, easy to grindHard to MachineThick Plate
SKH-9High-Speed Steel with W62-64HRCWear Resistant,Great Impact ResistanceHard to MachineThick Plate
M42High-Speed Steel with67-68HRCGreat Cutting Ability and easy to grindPoor FlexibleThin Plate
ASP23Power Steel 62-64HRCWear Resistant,Good Flexible and Stability,high compressive strengthHard to MachineMedium-thickness
ASP30Alloy High-Speed Steel 65-67HRCWear Resistant,Good Flexible and Stability,high compressive strengthHard to MachineMedium-thickness
ASP60Power High-Speed Steel67-69HRCWear Resistant,Good Flexible and Stability,high compressive strengthHard to MachineThin Plate
CarbideHard Alloy Steel89-93HRCHigh hardness,Wear ResistantHard to Machine,Easy to be brokenMedium-thickness

The Working Requirements of Punch Tooling

Wear Resistance

The punch tooling is deformed in the die cavity when it flows and slides along the surface of the cavity . this situation will result in great friction between the surface of the cavity and the workpiece material,which leads to the failure of the punch tooling due to poor wear. So the wear resistance of punch tooling is one of the basic and important properties of the stamping tooling.

Strong toughness

Most of the mold working conditions are very bad, and some of them often bear large impact load to brittle fracture. In order to prevent the punch tooling components suddenly broken when working, the punch tooling material should  have a high strength and good toughness. The toughness of punch tooling mainly depends on the carbon content, grain size and microstructure of the material.

High Temperature Resistance

When the working temperature of punch tooling is higher, the hardness and strength will decrease, resulting in early abrasion and deformation until failure.Therefore, the punch material should have higher tempering stability  to ensure that the punch tooling has higher hardness and strength at working temperature.

Fatigue Fracture Resistance

In the cycle working process for  the long-term action, fatigue fracture often occurs .   Its forms include small energy multiple impact fatigue fracture, tensile fatigue fracture, contact fatigue fracture and bending fatigue fracture. The fatigue fracture resistance of punch tooling mainly depends on its strength, toughness, hardness and inclusion content in the material.

Cold and Hot Fatigue Resistance

Some punch tooling are always in the state of repeated heating and cooling in the process of work, so that the cavity surface will be cracking and peeling under tension, pressure stress,while increasing friction, plastic deformation and reducing the dimensional accuracy,  punch tooling will failure. Cold and hot fatigue is one of the main failure forms of hot working die punch. This kind of punch tooling should have high cold and hot fatigue resistance.

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