Sinker EDM Service

Sinker Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) works completely differently from metal cutting, It is a machining process that uses electrical erosion to create desired shape or mirror surface finish.

In the manufacturing process, An electrical spark is created between an electrode and a workpiece, the temperature of the electric spark can reach 8000-12000 degrees Celsius, machines can carefully control the spark to affect the surface of the workpiece, the material is removed from the workpiece by series of repeated discharging to achieve the desired shape and dimension needs.

Sinker EDM is widely used in machining various materials with a very high melting point, excellent strength, and high toughness, such as tool steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide and so more.

Sinker EDM Working Case

die components

As the much more sophisticated workpieces machining process is needed in the electronics industry, We are working hard to enhance our abilities in this area. Our latest machines are capable of a variety of shapes and sizes to meet customers’ requirements.

optical grinding parts

For more than a decade, we focus on machining spare parts for the semiconductor industry with service profile grinding and Sinker EDM with tight tolerance +/-0.005mm. The material can be SKD11 or carbide.

Sinker EDM parts

From start to finish, by utilizing our machining capacities, Even if this part is very complex we are able to provide finished carbide parts within 3 weeks without waiting for performs process. We can design and produce the electrode and Sinker EDM holes with great accuracy and surface finish.

ejector pins

With our EDM operations, we help manufacturers whose current machined components don’t fit into their existing equipment, offering a better and cost-effective way to be up with their manufacturing demands. In addition, our machining capacity can produce any complex shapes for the hard workpiece.

The Benefits of Sinker EDM

Sinker EDM does not rely on mechanical strength and cutting force. It directly uses electrical and thermal energy to remove the extra material. This manufacturing process has the following benefits compared with the mechanical cutting process.

  1.  Suitable for machining various shapes and sizes of blind cavities.
  2. Extremely hard material machined which the traditional machining way can’t produce. And good tolerance is guaranteed.
  3. When machining the small parts, Sinker EDM can avoid damage from working pressure.
  4. Since there’s no contact between the workpiece and electrode, It greatly avoids distortion when machining the precision week and parts.
  5.  Excellent accuracy and surface finish control with great structural integrity.
  6. Automatic production can be processed.
  7. Improve reliability, greater consistency, repeatability, and efficiency

  8. Optimized the processing technology. Influenced by the material performance, some processes can be working after treatment.

The Limitations of Sinker EDM

The Sinker EDM has lots of advantages during the manufacturing process, however, there’re still some limitations that we can’t ignore:

  1. Mainly for metal machining and not suitable for plastic, ceramic, and other non-conducting materials.
  2. Less efficiency. The speed rate of removing extra material is lower compared with CNC machining.
  3. Some limitations of tolerance. The electrode loss exists in the Sinker EDM process, mainly in the area of corner or bottom area, it will infect the precision of dimensions.
  4. External working conditions for having to work in the fluid.
Process Radius, Form and any complex
Automation Capabilities CNC
Part Types Special Machine Parts
Die Components Gage
injection molds
stamping molds
Punches and Dies
Materials Tool Steel
Stainless Steel
Tungsten Carbide
Nickel Alloy
And more
Length Maximum:300mm
Part Width Maximum:250mm
Accuracy +/-0.005mm
Parallelism +/-0.005mm
Flatness +/-0.002mm
Surface Finish 0.4μm (polish)
Inspection Instruments Inspection Instruments
Coordinate Measuring
Tool Microscope
Height Gage
Surface Plate
Gage Blocks
Slide Caliper
Typical Lead Time AS short as one day for urgent
File Formats CAD/CAM System

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